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“I was told that I had 6 months to a year to live. I ran to Ehryck while in a pathetic state of hysteria. Within a minute or two, Ehryck said “Stop” all this nonsense. Strengthen up, focus because you are not going anywhere!” He was absolutely correct. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work one on-one with Ehryck Gilmore.”

Bonnie Fortunato, Chicago, Illinois

I call Mr. Ehryck “The Oracle”

He has the ability to tell you what you need to know about things that you are about to face and endure. He gives guidance that is invaluable. Also it can’t be found any place else. I am a skeptic at heart and he has proven his insights to be incredible. In the “how could he have known that “way. I have referred people to him and all have come away “Blown Away” As to what he revealed for them. I must add he is humble about his gift and always looks for what is for your highest good. Please get a consultation you won’t be disappointed.

Dr Michael Senegal, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon



"Once you have finished this book and apply the principles, your life will never be the same. You will no longer be stuck because you have taken the first step in pursuing lifelong dreams and desires that have been suppressed due to fear and lack of direction. Reading this book will be an awakening that will result in achieving the impossible and enjoying the full, abundant life that awaits you."

Cheryl Burton, TV Network News Anchor



Why am I Stuck? is a simple introduction to new thought and speaking things into existence. People who are wondering why they haven't gotten ahead in life, will especially enjoy it. Most who read will gain what it takes to start the process. This book also lists references to other books/materials to further the process of healing, soul searching and identifying the main obstacles. You will also enjoy the Speak it into Existence, You Can Heal Your Life, and 101 Ways to Improve Your Life Volume II.

Naleighna Kai, Chicago, Illinois



I have found the book Why am I Stuck? to be very useful in my daily life and in particular in my business life. I am faced everyday with challenges that questions my race and gender and if I allowed myself I would be "stuck" constantly. This book helps to remind me where the issue really should be placed. At times with me and at times just being part of the universe. I feel at peace and able to conquer things when I get centered. I have begun to suggest my team consider some the basic principles for success discussed by the writer. I appreciate and celebrate myself daily.

Marietta C. Davis, Redmond Washington


"Why Am I Stuck is an extraordinary "journey" of self-examination that empowers you to get exactly what you want out of life. "Why Am I Stuck" compels you, dares you to dream in a way that is startling, inspirational, instructional and unpredictably humorous!”

Pat Toney, Chicago, Illinois



Thinking about why you do not move ahead in life toward your goals? This easy reading book quickly and efficiently helps you organize your goals, and obstacles to those goals. It helped me identify why I cannot focus and achieve my goals! -- This book WILL answer why, how, and what is preventing you from moving ahead!

Sony Kramer



This is a book that gets right to it. No Nonsense. There are so many self-help guides, it was refreshing to find one that just cuts through to the real issues that keep us from truly reaching our potential and living our dreams.

J. Ricks, New York